This place is for me to express myself in ways that I don't in my other blogs. I post cyberpunk, dieselpunk, horror, goth, true crime, art, video games and general awesomeness. About me: I am an aspiring writer from Flint, Michigan. I am currently living in Denver, Colorado with my fiancee and nutty cat. I write mostly science fiction and horror, with some fantasy thrown in on occasion. I am writing a comic book at the moment, and my fiancee has agreed to draw it. I play video games, mostly shooters, and puzzle games, but I will try anything, and have weird eclectic tastes. I will also post about racism, sexism, homophobia, sizeism, transphobia, and classism. I am not an apologist and readily admit and always try to check my privilege. I am LGBTQ+ positive, a BBW bisexual liberal libertarian, and an agnostic. If any of the above upsets you, too bad. Also, any pictures I post are not mine unless specified. I will try to give credit for photos/graphics when I can. Enjoy!

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2 years ago | 296 notes

(Barack Obama) has the lowest public approval ratings of any president in modern times


Michele Bachmann Making Shit Up

Complete and utter lie and a total disregard for anything resembling a fact. This isn’t even a hard one to fact-check since his predecessor had MUCH lower ratings. George W. Bush’s lowest was 25%, Obama’s has been 40%.


(via stfuconservatives)

Via STFU, Conservatives
2 years ago | 207 notes

Paul Ryan, Herman Cain Push For Tax Increases On Middle Class





WASHINGTON — Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said on Sunday that House Republicans would oppose President Barack Obama’s payroll tax cuts for both employers and employees, arguing that the policy had already failed to provide a sufficient boost to the economy. “It hasn’t worked,” Ryan said, suggesting the current temporary tax cut should be allowed to expire, which will amount to a 50 percent tax hike on workers making less than $106,000 per year.

He also said he opposes the president’s proposal to require millionaires to pay the same tax rate as the middle class, known as the Buffett plan. “Class warfare might make for good politics, but it makes for rotten economics,” Ryan said. (Read More.)

Because tax hikes are only okay when they are on the middle class. Right. NOW I understand.

A 50% tax hike on ME!? Are you fucking kidding me? I actually put money into this goddamn economy, you take 50% more of my money and that’s games, electronics, and food I can’t buy! I’m not hiding my money in offshore accounts, I’m putting it into my local retailer! That’s a reduction in everything I waste my money on that keeps this economic system limping along.

They call the rich these illustrious job creators, but you know how most of them got rich? From shmucks like me buying their products and services. You raise my taxes by 50% and they will get 50% less of my business, and not from lack of enthusiasm for their products and services. When their businesses receive 50% less of my money then they cut back production, which in turn cuts jobs. You want to get this economy back on track? Give people like me more money to piss away, that’s how stimulus works! Shit, that’s how economics works!

And he has the fucking gall to say it’s class warfare?



Wow, Joe! I totally get it. However, it doesn’t change the fact that jobs are scarce because the Republicans think their way is best. They want to keep their tax breaks and have the poor to middle class pay all the bills. Basically, we are their f-ing slaves. We work our asses off while they sit back in their easy chairs raking in our money.

I get it. Every one gets it. The question is, how do we change it?

Try this on for size: Stop buying junk at the grocery stores. Buy the basics, flour, sugar, salt, beans, rice … . etc. Stop going by Starbucks for a $4.50 cup of coffee. For that much money you can buy a jar of instant coffee and make enough for a week. 

It’s all in how we use our dollars - what little we get. Taking back our economy is going to mean cutting back on the extras and start producing our own. Keep your money in local businesses, local farmers, local products.

It’s not much but it is a start. So Bill gates can bite me! I don’t need him but I do need to learn to grow my own veges and find a local farmer who sells fresh eggs, dairy, and meat at a lower price than the grocery stores.

Wish me luck Joe!

No… no you don’t get it.

Going ultra-localvore/homegrown doesn’t help things either. Starbucks employs tons of people at many levels of function. If people stopped buying frappuccinos en masse then you put even more Americans out of work. Those out-of-work baristas are then not spending their money on movie tickets and cable tv. Starbucks offers a product that a lot of people want at a price many people will pay, if anything this country needs more companies like Starbucks.

Bill Gates can bite you? You do realize that he is one of the most philanthropic people on the face of the Earth and donates more than half of his wealth to charity? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_%26_Melinda_Gates_Foundation . There are rich people to be pissed at, Bill Gates is not one of them.

Raging against the economy, you’re doing it wrong.


A whole new sector of industry discovered in America would really be the best thing, a new internet or transportation type, however there’s no way that’s going to happen since we’re cutting funding to the sciences.

Why should the middle class and poor take the hit again? I get tired of hearing that we should spend wiser and be more frugal. Of course if people suggest that rich people pay more taxes it’s scoffed at because rich people would have to tighten their belts. See the hypocrisy there?

Via STFU, Conservatives